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May 12th, 2017 Comments Off on Why Live in Thailand?

Why Live in Thailand?

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Many people dream to have a life abroad and many have “made-it” to Thailand…and of course, why not?
Thailand is a beautiful place to live and work…to enjoy your own personal pace of life and many other benefits. To be able to live your life with not too much financial worries, it is for many people, a safety-net to earn money in the local currency. Not everyone who visits Thailand works here, thus having to rely on their earnings from abroad; savings they make from work, past incomes from work, investments or pension. With always the fluctuating currency exchange rates, relying on your previous savings, investment or pension this is not the most reliable way to account for your private financial bookkeeping, here in the Land of Smiles.

Therefore it would be great if you could ‘generate’ a steady ‘domestic income’, or cash-flow, that does not suffer from a highly fluctuating currency market.

In SE-Asia (Thailand in particular) there is a very healthy and prosperous property-rental market. Especially when we focus on in Pattaya; we quickly come across a few essentials of which, one of them is probably most important: the LOCATION.

This is because Pattaya neighbors the biggest seaport of Thailand called Leam Chabang. Almost worldwide, you will see a strong popularization of cities that are located in the vicinity of the country’s biggest seaport. An almost ‘automatic’ attraction for industrial estates that belong in the genre of (international) warehousing, logistics, assembling-factories etc.

Pattaya also offers an excellent infrastructure connecting Thailand’s metropolis Bangkok… It is not a surprise that there is a strong (expat) rental-market here..As for the domestic market: a rental home is a suitable answer for those that cannot afford to buy a home and then there are of course the tourists that could be interested in a short-term rental property…

(Beware that short-term lets require meticulous caring on the landlord’s part…) With that in mind, smart moneymakers are getting a chance at a profitable business opportunity. Ask Fox Property, a reliable real estate agency in Thailand.

Basically put, they simply invest on a residential property and have it rented by trusted and reliable tenants. It starts off with a clear research on the specific areas where the need for a home is at its highest. You will find that it is very often the ‘same kind’
of property that most tenants are looking for….

Trial and error is rarely the best method if you are serious about turning your investments into income. Many people waste precious time and money learning the tricks of the trade

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